On The Front Porch

Take a chair and while away an hour or two watching the "neighbors" (squirrels, birds, and chipmunks) scurry around, while losing yourself in your thoughts. The Front Porch is a wonderful place to sit back, relax, and let your mind wander.

My Blog

Here's my link to The Riverside Rest's online journal, where you'll find daily musings and more recipes and reviews.

(Oh, and I update it every day, too, unlike this site. ;) )

Apartment By The Riverside

My Facebook Page

I set up this Facebook account about a year ago...then promptly forgot about it until two weeks ago! At any rate, here's another way to find out more about me.

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Essays and Musings

I wrote this essay on the troubles I had when I got my period last year for a contest and never sent it it. I hope it helps a lot of girls who got their puberty early to know they're not alone!
DISCLAIMER: This essay discusses menstruation and changes in the female body. It's not done in an exploitative way, but it's still a sensitive topic handled matter-of-factly.

The Hollywood Queen
This essay on the death of Katherine Hepburn is one of three I wrote in 2003 that I moved to this site.

Coping With Loss
Another 2003 essay, this one written to deal with losing a friend, a favorite childhood TV star, and a favorite radio station...within weeks of each other.

The Lure of Nostalgia
This 2003 essay discusses my foray into memories and earlier times.