Rating: G

Genre: Vignette

Summary: Based on Emma's "Family" fic, this is based on Larry's POV after the piolt episode "Knock, Knock, Who's There?"

Distribution: Ask & you shall most likely receive, all I ask is that I know who wants it & where it's going :-)

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I stopped just inside my room and shut the door. I turned a look back at the shut door, thinking about what had happened today. I shook my head and shuffled my way to the bed, tossing the robe on the chair in the corner. Once again, I thought about the stranger using the couch out in the living room. My cousin, Balki, far removed. In all truthfulness, I had no idea my family had more family on some little island in the Mediterranean. Or, atleast I didn't until he showed up at my door yesterday.

Needless to say, I never expected such a distant relative to show up at my door (who would?). I guess I really can't call him a stranger, he is a relative... and someone that I keep learning new (and odd) things about. But then, it isn't like I'm not used to odd things, I do have eight siblings, after all. When you have that many brothers and sisters, you learn quickly to accept a lot of things. More relatives than you knew about is one of those things, I guess.

All I wanted to do was try to make a start on my own. Really, is that too much to ask for? I've only been in this apartment a little over three months and now I've already got a roommate. Had several in college. They changed every semester. I haven't quite figured out the reasoning yet. I briefly wondered if, like Balki said, he'd be leaving once he made enough money to make his own start. He's only been here a day and a half... and I already think I'd really miss him if he did leave.

Why, though? Other than a few of his stories, I still don't really know him; he's still a stranger, basically. I wonder if he feels the same about me. It would be a understatement to say I was surprised he stood up for me when Twinkacetti fired me yesterday. Granted, he probably felt as though he had to since I'd asked him to watch the store while I helped Susan. He didn't know what he was doing, though, and that certainly wasn't his fault, he thought he was helping. Then he stood up for me. I really cannot remember the last time someone did that for me, including my parents and siblings.

He has this wonderful naivete about him. He's very trusting. He has to be, after all, he moved in with a cousin he hardly knew: me. And I'm the type who's wary of everyone. So how come I let this complete stranger, who said he was a relative, move in with me? Maybe I felt bad for him, but I know he really trusts me... and I did feel bad that he'd made such a journey, only for me to consider not letting him stay. In the end, I just couldn't turn him away.

He says he wants to learn American customs and the like. And he wants me to teach him about them. Of course, I think I'm the worst person to ask such a favor of, but I'm going to try, for him. Maybe I'll surprise myself. Besides, he seems like he's in awe of me, what I have, and how I live. All of these things are just... normal to me, while Balki actually seems to look up to me and how I've been able to live. It feels... odd. I mean, someone actually looks up to me? It just doesn't seem right. Because of him, though, and his "looking up", I went through a whole bottle of Mylanta today alone. I wonder if he'll always be like this. I guess I'll be finding out in the days to come.